About us

BPFC's expertise in valuating commercial real estate assets using the perspectives of  both a  lender as  well as a principal  investor allows it to identify opportunities in  the  distressed  real  estate  debt  arena.  As  well, BPFC's  longstanding close relationships   with  a  host  of  large  and  small  real  estate  lending  institutions provides  it  with  the  opportunity  to  purchase  bulk  as  well  as  specific  non-performing   real   estate   loans   and   REO's  in   a   relatively   non-competitive environment.  The  firm  structures  its  transactions  as a  principal  financing  its purchases using its own equity as well as lines of credit.

The   property   research   division   assists   investors   who  have  very  specific investment  criteria necessary to effect their investment strategy in the purchase of  distressed  commercial  real estate opportunities.  BPFC, using both public and proprietary databases, its  relationships with various institutional  lenders, as  well as other proprietary research methods and modeling, uncovers distressed property opportunities that meet the client's objectives. 

Research   projects  are  for  a  minimum  of   three   months  with  twelve-month assignments receiving analyst priority.  All projects are supervised and planned by our senior  research analyst with  all other  project work carried out by associates with  a  minimum  of  at  least  ten years  experience  in complex real estate data analysis and research.  Due to the usually narrow criteria dictated by the client, it is typical that only a handful of opportunities  are identified per month.  The firm's monthly flat-rate  fee  schedule  is  based  upon the complexity of the investment criteria  as  well  as  the   planning  and   methodology  required   to   obtain  the requested data.

BPFC is a recognized  wholesale  mortgage  banking firm specializing in owner-user commercial  mortgage  finance serving the mortgage broker and real estate broker communities.  Currently the firm limits its lending activities to those circumstances where   both  the   occupying  business   as  well  as  the  business  owner  have exceedingly  strong  historical  and  forecasted cash flow.  The firm anticipates to resume  its  more  aggressive  lending  activities  upon the resurgence of the U.S. economy and the return of the functionality of the capital markets.